Apr 03, 2019

All aboard! Next Stop PHP City

PHP Location Tracker

Picture of location tracker

During the first semester in the second year of my degree (Computer Science) the coursework for Web Technologies was a PHP application, designed to track and store user’s location for attendance.

With this background information, I designed and created Location Station!

This project introduced me to many technologies that I haven’t used before such as PHP, CSS Grid, Ajax and MS SQL. I really enjoyed learning about each one of them, especially the CSS Grid but if I was to do this project again I would choose MySQL over MS SQL just for the better integration with PHP. CSS Grid was a pleasure to use and was made even easier with Google’s developer tools which have a tool specifically for CSS Grid

The application functionality allowed staff to enter a student’s location manually with a selection of rooms in the University, also the application had a search feature where a staff member(s) could see the last 24 hours of the student or of a location. For the search I used Ajax (with jQuery) to create an auto-completion tool, this allowed the user to partially enter a location and then would filter the closest one that matched.

Gif of search on website

In conclusion, if I was to do this application again, I would use different technologies such as MySQL and use more JavaScript frameworks such as React.js. With that said I delivered the required functionality of the application, and letting it expose me to new technologies which were an interesting and engaging learning experience.