Feb 08, 2019

Digital Checkup & why it is important.

Digital Checkup & Why your data security is important.

Image of the Front screen of Digital Checkup

Digital Checkup was a project created by myself and Nathaniel Read for the Sustainable Computing module during the first year of our Computer Science degree.

The module taught the importance of online security and ethics within Computer Science and elsewhere. The module mainly focused on those who have no computer knowledge on terms of security especially online where they are most vulnerable and how us Computer Scientists can help those with no knowledge in terms of application development, web development and other sectors where a user would interact with software.

Our group for the module came up with an idea of an online application to give a user a quick overview of their online security.

Nathaniel focused on the backend whereas I focused on the front-end, Nathaniel used technologies such as Node.js, Express.js framework and Passport.js for local user authentication which was stored in a MongoDB.

Photo of Login

Using MongoDB allowed Nathaniel to look up the registered email addresses with the HaveIBeenPWNed API, giving the user a detailed rundown on where their email has been compromised.

I focused on the front-end part of the site, using bootstrap and using the Animate.js library to create a fluid and user-friendly interface, I also created the mockup design in Adobe XD which was the perfect application to quickly mock up the website.

The design language I used was very business focused, which is a different area for me, Nathaniel and I agreed that the website should look like a product from a company and separate from the University. With that in mind, I used a Favicon lock icon for the logo and make sure the colours were simple, approachable and smart. Using this colour branding throughout the website giving the user a seamless and fluid user interaction, which was important as the website was targeted at people how are IT illiterate or don’t understand online security.

I and Nathaniel used GitHub and Trello to keep ourselves on track with the website, GitHub allowing us to know what each other has worked and Trello was a great help, both in terms of productivity and knowing what task needed to be done.

The project went down without a hitch! The simplistic and creative nature of our end product was both rewarding and fully functional.

Unfortunately due to ethical reasons, and not being fully GDPR certified, the lecturer teaching the module requested we do not make the website live but leave it as a proof of concept.